15 abril, 2009


- Coffee?

- Sure.

-  I really got to disagree with you, though.

- I knew you would.

- Am I really that predictable?

- That’s not the point. But when you know someone for over three decades…

- What? Now I am worried. You come here make conversation, start talking about
all this serious shit, and now imply that you know me for over three decades. I’m
only thirty-five, you know?

- You got me wrong.

- I think you got everything wrong, sir.

- I didn’t mean to scare you.

- But you sure did.

- Sorry. Could you bring me a doughnut please? You know, you shouldn’t take life so seriously.

- Well, life is the only thing worthy taking seriously.

- Now, I got to disagree with you, lady. Life must be easy. We are not here for
long. It is a sure thing that we’re all going to go. Yet we keep counting our
time here. Now, this doughnut is a serious thing! Do you know what would be better?

- Muffins?

- No. I mean better than counting the years we have been in this world; to count
the time remaining for us here. A countdown.

- We wouldn’t know. Nobody does.

- Well, I’ll be twenty-five next week.

- Really? You look like you are in your late thirties.

- You got me wrong again. I mean in twenty-five years and seven days I’ll be six feet under.

- You’re crazy.

- And you are thirty-nine.

- W-What?!

- I mean, you will be forty years old next month.

- How rude.

- You shouldn’t be sad or upset. You are every bit as beautiful as a thirty-nine-year-old.

- Who the hell are you anyway?

- Does it matter?

- Nobody knows I’m thirty-nine.

- I do.

- That’s the problem.

- On the contrary, ours is a more sincere relationship than any other you have.

- We don’t have a relationship.

- Maybe not yet. Do you see this painting behind me?

- Yes.

- It wasn’t a work of art before the painter finished the whole frame. Now it’s
known worldwide and you have a replica here. But first, Leonardo had to begin it.

- Are you comparing yourself to Da Vinci?

- No. I’m comparing you to Mona Lisa. Or even better, us.

- Do you think the Mona Lisa was meant to be?

-Absolutely. There are some things that are just meant to be, they are part of the universal
plan. No matter what, Leonardo Da Vinci would always paint the Mona Lisa,
anyhow. We, you and I, can start all over again, in a different way, but anyway…

- …We will end up together…

- Coffee?

- Sure.

 Leonardo Cunha

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