23 novembro, 2007

Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip

Isso é crítica de mídia na mídia. Só um trecho do piloto da série, que é uma das coisas mais interessantes e inteligentes que eu já vi na TV. Créditos para Aaron Sorkin e Thomas Schlamme.

Valsa nº6 Chopin

08 novembro, 2007

Arts is all the things that the rest of life is not

"The arts matter because they are universal; because they are non-material; because they deal with daily experience in a transforming way; because they question the way we look at the world; because they offer different explanations of that world; because they link us to our past and open the door to the future; because they work beyond and outside routine categories; because they take us out of ourselves; because they make order out of disorder and stir up the stagnant; because they offer a shared experience rather than an isolated one; because they encourage the imagination, and attempt the pointless; because they offer beauty and confront us with the fact of ugliness; because they suggest explanations but no solutions; because they present a vision of integration rather than disintegration; because they force us to think about the difference between the good and the bad, the false and the true. The arts matter because they embrace, express and define the soul of a civilisation. A nation without arts would be a nation that had stopped talking to itself, stopped dreaming, and had lost interest in the past and lacked curiosity about the future."
Jonh Tusa